Thursday, January 25, 2007

Holly Mann - Honest Riches Vs Rich Jerk

Holly Mann , who is she and what is it about honest riches?

Holly is a young woman (24-year-old) who went from zero - $12,000+ per month in 4 months flat doing marketing on the Internet. In her ebook she tells you exactly what she did to start, and gives away all her best and usually free techniques. When she read the Rich Jerk ebook she decided it was way overpriced and decided to write one more reasonably proced. She did - and she has been wildly successful with it.

Unlike the Rich Jerk's book, Holly's techniques are completely ethical. She doesn't talk about pretending to be unbiased or about cloaking websites. She talks about actually being honest and shared generously a lot of great information about exactly what free techniques she used when she started out from scratch.

In her ebook she will talk about search engine optimization techniques (which tells you how she got her site this high placement and how you can do likewise), ways to make money online through Affiliate programs with no web site and no start-up money - free Web sites that you can easily setup with no experience, free advertising that you never knew existed. The ebook is for BEGINNERS but even the most seasoned Internet entrepreneurs will learn some new profitable techniques. She'll also cover Website design, SEO, email lists building, advertising & press releases. She provides very specific guiding step-by-step how to - on a shoestring budget, which is very impressive.

So what did I not like about My purchase of Holly's book? Prepare to be back-ended. I know this is standard technique, but some of the products she uses to back-end the sale are the ones I don't enjoy wading through.

Overall, the book itself is wonderful, especially for the beginner, but the backend sales - don't say I didn't warn you.

I assure you that if you are a new or intermediate online marketer this smart woman's guide, NO Thank You Rich Jerk - Honest Riches!, is worth every penny! It is especially great for beginners to Internet Marketing. If you want to work from home, and make money, this is the best $27 investment ever! ...